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To reach the consensus between the nodes that form TELOS blockchain, a consensus algorithm is used to achive this scope. TELOS blockchain uses the algorithm DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), others blockchains use PoW. While PoW algorithm is based on expensive investments, like high energy consumption and the work of super computers, a DPoS blockchain is based on an different investment: the delegated consensus itself. To do operations on TELOS blockchain, like transfer tlos from an accont to another, it's needed to stake some tlos (tlos is the cryptocurrency on TELOS Blockchain). These stakes are not fees; you will bring them back to liquid with the unstake action. Tlos holders can operate and stake their tlos on TELOS blockchain but, the Delegated Block Producers are allowed to operate to mantain the tansactions on the blockchain fast and secure. Instead of mining new blocks like in others PoW blockchains, the owners of tlos vote for their delegates (Block Producers) and so BP will be able to sign the new minted blocks and thus implementing the computing power and security of TELOS Blockchain. The vote is important! Block Producers, will have interest in receiving votes and at the same time keeping TELOS Blockchain fast and secure. Compare with PoW algotithm, DPoS is less energy intensive.
This article is not complete, but you can find more information on EOSIO - Blockchain software architecture .

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use cleos to manage our TELOS account. In this case we will stake some liquid tlos of a TELOS account on the TELOS mainnet blockchain.

Legal disclaimer: we are not financial advisors. The tutorials in this website are not financial advices.
You can follow these tutorials at your own risk and nobody can guarantee your results. Cryptocurrency investment is risky, please be cautious.
Different countries have different rules for cryptocurrency. It’s very important for your own security that before continuing with this tutorial you know the importance of your private key of your account. Keep your device safe. If your device is compromised, the wallet can be compromised too. Ignoring this step will highly increase the chances of your funds being lost or stolen, in which case we won’t be able to help you.
WARNING: following this tutorial means that You And Only You are Responsible For Your Security.

### So, let's start! ###

First verify your account (replace YOUR_ACCOUNT_HERE with your account) on TELOS MainNet:

OUTPUT (at time of writing using for example TELOS mainnet account "test1234test" ):
quota: 5.366 KiB  used: 2.926 KiB
net bandwidth:
delegated: 0.1000 TLOS (total staked delegated to account from others)
used:      0 bytes
available:      3.273 MiB
limit:      3.273 MiB

cpu bandwidth:
delegated: 0.9000 TLOS (total staked delegated to account from others)
used:      0 us
available:      3.982 sec
limit:      3.982 sec

In few words:
CPU Staked: 0.0000 TLOS (available tlos of CPU stake "mode" owned by account "test1234test" )
NET Staked: 0.0000 TLOS (available tlos of NET stake "mode" owned by account "test1234test" )
Staked by Others: 1.0000 TLOS (available tlos of NET (0.1000 tlos) and (0.9000 tlos) stake "mode" owned by account "" )

You can image TELOS Blockchain like a big computer made of a lot of others computers (nodes). This big computer has a CPU, NET, and RAM to run the various transactions, like a tlos tokens transfer. If you put tlos in CPU stake or NET stake and buy Ram, you can operate on the blockchain.
Tlos put in stake can become liquid again with unstake operation (at time of writing funds will be available in some hours), but to do the operation you need to keep some tlos in stake too!
For other details, please visit EOSIO Developer Portal.
Assuming we have buyed some tlos, and we have 2 tlos Liquid, we can put these into stake, to be able to interact independently on the blockchain, without the need to use, in our account, tlos lend to us in stake but owned by others.

open the wallet:
cleos wallet open

unlock the wallet:
cleos wallet unlock

Now we are going to do the stake operation:
Note: replace YOUR_ACCOUNT_HERE with your account on the Telos Blockchain and replace API_SERVER_HERE with a Telos API Nodes from the verified MainNet Nodes on (eg: )

cleos -u API_SERVER_HERE push action eosio delegatebw '{"from":"YOUR_ACCOUNT_HERE","receiver":"YOUR_ACCOUNT_HERE","stake_cpu_quantity":"1.5000 TLOS","stake_net_quantity":"0.5000 TLOS","transfer":false}' -p YOUR_ACCOUNT_HERE@active

now close your the wallet:
cleos wallet lock_all

and rember to stop the wallet service:
cleos wallet stop

finally verify your account (replace YOUR_ACCOUNT_HERE with your account) on TELOS MainNet:

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Last updated February 8, 2021